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Hair Fibers

Hair Fibers

There is a vast array of products targeting hair loss with various claims. One product that our clients are consistently pleased with is hair fibers. Other topical products often require consistent application over a period of 6-12 months before results are seen, are not guaranteed to work, and cost several times more. With hair fibers, we can take a before and after pic right in the consultation and show the results on the spot. Most are immediately shocked that they work so well. Often the effect is as dramatic as the one shown below. We usually recommend two brands of hair fibers: Toppik and Caboki.

These products are both effective and work very similarly. Essentially the fibers are tiny particles composed of keratin protein (primary component of hair composition) and are statically charged to cling to your natural hairs. This increases the appearance of hair density, thickness, and allows less scalp to show through.

We recommend hair fibers to clients not only in an early stage of hair loss, but also to clients who:

  • Want thicker looking hair
  • Want to achieve instant coverage while using other treatments
  • Want appearance of even greater density after a hair transplant
  • Want to conceal hair loss and thinning hair