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Scar revisions

Scar Revisions

A scar revision is the repair of a scar on the scalp as the result of past "strip" surgery hair transplants, scars from face lifts or any other injury to the scalp that has resulted in a visible and noticeable area of hair loss. The old procedure to correct these obvious scars was to cut them out again with a scalpel, suture the scar back together and hope the scar does not spread again.Seems odd to cause a scar to get rid of one and this effort generally results in limited reduction in the scars' visibility.

Not only does FUE not cause a linear scar but we are able to hide other scars by transplanting hair into the area of concern. No scalpel, no sutures, no additional scars and no "hoping" for results. Our work is guaranteed and the hair we transplant to these areas grows forever. So even if you have had a previous "strip" surgery, its not too late to have it look as if you haven't. We can take care of it. Contact Us for a free consultation.

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